Whom We Serve

TriLiteral's Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate, efficient, timely and cost effective warehouse and fulfillment operations. We consider ourselves to be an integral part of our customers’ logistical backbone. With that responsibility in mind, we respect the value of publishing as a physical manifestation of scholarship and strive to streamline the flow of knowledge by constantly improving all operations in a manner that promotes the sustainability of our customer’s publishing programs.

About Us

TriLiteral LLC (TLT) is a private company and full-service third party logistics provider specializing in the distribution of books for University Presses and Academic Publishers. The company was formed in 2001 as a joint venture between Harvard, MIT and Yale University Presses specifically for their own distribution needs. TLT can provide all essential fulfillment service functions. These include Customer Service, Order Entry, Warehousing, Returns, Credit and Collection and Accounts Receivable. In addition, contained in its Management and Administration functions are Human Resources, Accounting and Information Technology departments. TriLiteral offers full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability and Advance Shipment Notification (ASN). We have also partnered with Firebrand to provide a fully integrated eCommerce solution.

The company is governed by a Board of Managers which meets to discuss strategic direction of the company.  The board members include the Directors and the CFO’s from Harvard, MIT and Yale University Presses which helps keeps our focus specifically to the challenges and needs of university and academic publishing.

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